A Heartfelt Refurbishment

Gloved hand rolling paint on a wall

This month of November Israel Relief Aid is stocking the kitchen of the Tel Aviv Homeless Café that serves meals to the homeless on a 7-days a week basis.  This will be our event of the month.

Homeless people eating soup in Tel Aviv Homeless Center

However, take a look closely at this picture and you’ll see that the chairs have a lot to be desired, and the walls surely need a coat of paint. 

So, in addition to our regular event this month, to provide a whole lot of food stuffs to the Café kitchen, Israel Relief Aid is providing the funds for a slight refurbishment of this Café.  New tables and chairs are the first on the list to be purchased, as well as the paint/brushes, etc. for giving those walls a spruce-up. 

Paint can and roller

The group running this Café has been totally engrossed in providing the daily meal and scouring the area for the homeless that might not know that there is a meal available.  Sprucing up the Café was not something that they had the funds for.  This gift of funds for refurbishment is such a blessing to them, and of course, will make the Café more inviting and clean for those needing something to eat.

Would you like to help with the spruce-up and kitchen-stocking for the homeless in Tel Aviv? Clock on the donate button below