How to Feed Them and Preserve Dignity?

Israeli immigrants sightseeing in Jerusalem

The difficulties of new immigrants to Israel are many, and disconcerting:  Having to learn a new language in order to read signs, newspapers, medical papers, school papers, etc.; Securing work (without enough Hebrew or Israel-approved degree); Securing an apartment (on Israel’s “half” salary); Accessing services (hard without being able to read) Learning to take trains and buses; Helping the children to succeed in school.

Israeli immigrants having lunch in Jerusalem

Financially, resources get dried up pretty quickly, and new immigrants begin to struggle when there’s no funds to meet the monthly needs.  That is why new immigrants are one of the segments of needy Israelis that Israel Relief Aid continues to help.  Many come with just two suitcases to their name, and soon find that they need winter or summer clothing or shoes and make their way to a welfare center in our aid center network. 

Israeli immigrants having lunch in Jerusalem

In October, Israel Relief Aid’s aid network invited new immigrants to Jerusalem for a free luncheon with music group as well.  300 of them answered back, “Yes”!  

Israeli immigrants tour in Jerusalem

What a joy to feed 300 a meal, and we also included sightseeing of course.

At the end of the “Jerusalem Day”, the new immigrants received a historical book in Russian about Israel and Jerusalem, past, present and views toward the future.  Let’s do more of these mass meal trips for the new immigrants.  To help, click on donate button below: