Homeless in Israel

Homeless people in Tel Aviv

Two years ago the Tel Aviv Homeless Café was opened by a loving group from Haifa.

two homeless people being given food at Tel Aviv Homeless center

There, the homeless, drug addicts, and alcoholics are fed a meal every day and provided clothing.

More than 1000 people pass through the Café every month.

In these two years more than 300 people have gone into halfway houses that help drug addicts off the streets.  Many move on to one of the group’s drug rehabilitation centers, and their life totally gets rebuilt.

Roman, homeless man, eating soup in Tel Aviv homeless center

Roman, a “hopeless” homeless man that found the Café explains:  “It was an incredible help for me when I came for the first time to the café in Tel Aviv.  Thank you for changing my life!”

The Tel Aviv Homeless Café, while having a network of people to cook 7 days a week, struggles with adequate supply of food for this daily meal for the homeless.  Israel Relief Aid adopted this Café in 2018 for a project on a yearly basis, to stock out the kitchen with as much non-perishable food as possible.  Israel Relief Aid will fundraise for this event for the whole month of November, ending with Thanksgiving weekend. 

Jo Kaplan says, “Helping the homeless is one of the most meaningful things we do all year.”   Would you like to help?