Broken Hearts Get Help in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Cafeteria Volunteers

It’s located in the middle of Tel Aviv’s worst “den of inequity” near the Central Bus Station. It is a place, where many homeless, prostitutes, drug and alcohol addicted people live.

The people of this neighborhood wait every day for a cozy, hospitable cafeteria to open its doors. This soup kitchen started with meager beginnings, with a weekly food distribution for the homeless there by people whose heartstrings felt the tug to help, and it developed into a daily soup kitchen where homeless people can come for a meal and find rest for their bodies and souls.

Broken Hearts Get Help in Tel AvivIn less than a year more than 10,000 homeless people received food in this cafeteria. The cafeteria is open every day in the evenings from 5pm to 9pm, when all other businesses in that area are closed. It is staffed by rotating groups of volunteers who provide different services and give out aid as well. (See volunteers in picture above)

With daily counseling at the cafeteria, many broken-hearted people living in this neighborhood homeless, are helped to recover from the sorrows of their past life and now live normal lives, work a job, live in an apartment, and have a family.

As part of the distribution to the homeless, meals and clothing are distributed these in need. 

Thanks to each of our partners helping to fund aid containers to Israel, there are so many items in each container, and these items go all over the country.

We are glad that a good portion of them end up at the Cafeteria in Tel Aviv.