Sukkot – Four Events in Haifa, Jerusalem and Karmiel

Sukkah in Israel

Israel Relief Aid is organizing four events for Israel’s Sukkot holiday. 

Unloading shipment of new blankets from Israel Relief Aid container

1. Food bag distribution for impoverished Haifa Ukrainian immigrants

2. 300 New Immigrants’ Jerusalem trip with meal plus take–home books

3. 150 Holocaust Survivors and elderly Sukkot celebration with food and take-home blankets distribution in Karmiel

4. 100 Holocaust Survivors from Russia with meal and take-home gifts in Haifa

Israel Relief Aid will be helping 650 needy people just with these special Sukkot holiday events (not including the aid from the container that came in).  These are not merely meal or food distributions. 

These distributions will explain the historical meaning of the holiday of Sukkot and distribute explanatory books about Israel’s holidays.

These significant outreaches simply would not be possible without the help of faithful friends like you.

We know that if you were here, you would help – and now, your contribution can take your place. Your gift today will lift up these ones that are alone and/or hungry. Please share in meeting this significant need of caring for Israel during Sukkot. Your contribution carries the same importance as if you were here in Israel!

We have received an extremely generous love offering for Israel from two of our donors.  They have committed $25,000 – in the form of a matching funds challenge – to start the New Year!  

If you make any size ONE TIME or RECURRING donation, it will be matched dollar for dollar through October 20 (last day of Sukkot)!!!

These Israelis in poverty need your help.  None should be left out. If you would like to bless Israelis this month (and it brings a blessing), click on donate button below and Chag Sameach, from the Israel Relief Aid Team: