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Israelis Looking for Help

Woman picking out clothing and holding bags of household items in Israel Relief Aid Center

When you’re desperate, it’s already taken some time to reach that point of desperation.

Mother holding her household items in Israel Relief Aid Center

When a needy Israeli finally reaches to an aid center, it really is the final straw.  Where else are they going to go?  That is why Israel Relief Aid centers are so important. 

Stocking these centers and seeing the lifting of the spirits of people who are helped is a rewarding task.  This is something that is more than a “feel good”. 

It is simply the best way to help the ever-growing nation of Israel (while the nation of Israel is using the budget to keep the nation safe on all borders!).

Israel Relief Aid would like to load another container from Holland to Israel.  The goods are ready to be loaded.  We are looking for help towards the financial cost of this transport.  Now is a great time to get involved because we have a matching challenge in place, from two very generous donors, thru the end of Sukkot!