Jerusalem is Not Forgotten

Jerusalem, Israel

Right in the Holy City of Jerusalem, Israel Relief Aid unloaded a container of humanitarian aid to the Talpiot Aid Center.  This aid container was sent from gracious lovers of Israel in Holland.

unloading container of Israel Relief Aid at Jerusalem Talpiot Aid Center

What was inside the container?

  • 1520 pairs of new crocs shoes
  • 1800 packs of women’s pads
  • 240 women’s toiletry cases
  • 420 men’s toiletry cases
  • 18 large double sacks of clothing
  • 587 cartons of clothing.

Aid center managers from Nazareth and Haifa in the north and Netanya, Rishon LeZion, Bat Yam, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in the center region of Israel came to fill their vehicles with aid cartons from this container.  We made sure Jerusalem is not forgotten and allotted 282 cartons for its aid center. 

The container partially unloaded and then proceeded on to the southern city of Beer Sheva, where aid centers in that city, as well as Sderot and Kfar Saba filled their vehicles with aid.  So, 14 aid centers in all received from this aid container.  You can see the massive amount of aid that can come in an aid container. 

This container spent just one day in customs before it was cleared.  We did not have to provide our own facility, or our own truck or our own driver to make this happen.

Using  Israel Relief Aid’s Fast-Flow technology and Direct Source Giving, our organization is unique in that it does not take huge amounts of donor funds to pay for a building, company cars, property taxes, insurance, or warehouse staff while donors think their donations are going toward aid.

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