A Message from Israel Relief Aid’s CEO – Jo Kaplan

Jo Kaplan Unloading Container in Ashdod Final

2019 has been a busy year of partnership with you in reaching the lives of Israelis in poverty in Israel and bringing joy to children and families together.  With your help, we have brought in 220,000 tons of aid into Israel!

Together we’ve helped welfare families like the Nebali family.  An income stipend from the Israeli government helps them pay rent, property taxes on the apartment, utilities and food. Even though Israel is doing the best it can with the security demands of this region, this low welfare stipend is not enough to meet all the basic needs.  Israel Relief Aid provided aid to the Nebali apartment, as the family had no funds available for things for the baby.

They were so overjoyed that someone cared, especially people they never met, in another country.  They were also very touched that someone personally went to their home to bring them a gift.   Poverty-stricken families like the Nebali Family depend on help from Israeli nonprofit organizations to help with clothing, food bags, holiday food and other assistance.  These families are also appreciative of the relationships with the aid centers. 

Nothing can beat the great blessing of helping people . . . and the nation of Israel.  That’s why Israel Relief Aid exists. 

This year Israel Relief Aid added a “hot meal” section to reach out to Holocaust Survivors, the disabled and widows with a hot meal/take home gift, sometimes celebrating with them with music and dance, and other times bringing them to Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, the Museum of the Scroll of Isaiah, and other sites in Israel many had never been to due to lack of funds, or had never understood the history or significance of.  They are always offered further reading materials, which they usually can’t wait to receive

We stand by our promise to you, and in 2019 we did not use donor funds on building an empire here in Israel, didn’t pay tens of thousands of dollars’ rent on a building, property tax, cars, insurance, security system and the rest – ethics is more important.  Yet we do bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid to Israel every year and hold monthly aid events plus special outreaches in major cities in Israel.  We have touched the lives of new immigrants, the Ethiopian community, Arab Israelis, the homeless, single parents, the disabled, Holocaust Survivors, disadvantaged families, the homeless and more.  It is always so exciting and fulfilling, and we give a big thank you to YOU for your part.

In 2020 we have a slate of aid events planned—like assistance to families in war-torn Sderot outside of the Gaza Strip, food bags to impoverished Israeli families, helping orphans/ disabled youth centers, blessing widows, giving school supplies to impoverished immigrant kids, a holiday meal to Holocaust Survivors, feeding homeless Israelis, and more. 

As you continue to join with us on this quest to bless Israel, you will also be blessed in return! – L’ Shana Tova and Much Love, Jo Kaplan