Uzbekistan to Israel . . . Still in Poverty


Uzbekistan is a low-income country whose economy has lately been growing, and has limited personal freedom.

Jerusalem Talpiot Aid Center - Omida and baby

Omida is a single parent who made aliya to Israel from Uzbekistan when the collapse of communism in the country occurred.  Having lived her life in extreme poverty, she came looking for a better life in Israel. 

Jerusalem Talpiot Aid Center - Omida's son

Omida settled in the central district city of Rosh HaAyin.  Later, her mother, Lula came to join her in Israel. Omida’s son is now 10 months old.  However, even after leaving the poverty of Uzbekistan, Omida found that life in Israel wasn’t an easy endeavor and found herself struggling to get by.

 It has taken all her strength for Omida as a single parent to figure out how the expenses will get paid, but her joy in her little one gives her all the happiness.

Israel Relief Aid has partnered with the Jerusalem Talpiot Aid Center both with cartons of aid and with partnership on containers, for years, and it was to this aid center that Omida found help during her time in Israel.

Sergey from the aid centers says:  We have helped this family with clothing many times throughout their time in Israel with all kinds of different items that they needed. We just today gave them a blanket, clothes and sweaters and they thank us for it.

It’s a great feeling see struggling families helped, and to help the nation of Israel this way.  This is why aid container import is crucial.  Currently a container is on the water to Israel.  Click on donate below to help.

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