If You Had to Pick

Ethiopian Children

In Israel there are so many various sectors that are struggling, it can be hard to choose which sector you will bless.  Yet, the “least of these” is who we were looking for, the least ones of the all the needy in Israel.  The decision of which is least was a “no brainer”, for in Israel, that would be the Ethiopian families who came here already in distress.  These families came with a victim mentality when it comes to being discriminated in Ethiopia, and they are sensitive to it and see it here and there.

However, there is a new generation of Israeli-born Ethiopian kids, and they are changing their parents’ ways of coping with their country.  To them, Israel is their homeland and they don’t feel like Israeli Ethiopians, but they feel like just Israelis.

So, Israel Relief Aid wanted to help this new generation to use their innate talents and give them a chance to excel in school and go on to university and a career.  This all starts now, when they are young.

Israel Relief Aid brought a huge load of school supplies for the upcoming school year that begins next week, September 1.  The reaction by the high schoolers was heart-rending.  The elementary kids will receive tomorrow.

You’ve touched “the least of these” in Israel!  May you be blessed in return!