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No Israeli Child Should Go Without

Baby playing on new play mat from Israel Relief Aid

Bringing in a huge shipping container of wonderful items is always a thrill for us, and for all the recipients. 

Baby in Israel in crib

Why do we continue to load, ship and import aid containers to Israel

Just looking at these little Israeli kids gives us the answer.   No little one should be needy. 

Israel Relief Aid recently brought into Israel a container stuffed with 1500 new baby playmats that had been donated for free. 

These playmats are a quality item to receive at an aid center and were received with great joy by needy Israeli parents. 

Single mother in Israel holding donated play mat from Israel Relief Aid

These pictures were taken in Nazareth Ilit.  Also in Nazareth proper, impoverished new mothers in the hospital were given these new playmats, distributed one by one by the aid center, and relationships with each mother were formed so that their needs could continue to be met by the aid center.

Israel Relief Aid has another container on the water right now!

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