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Missing Something for the Orphans

Ben Shemen Youth Village

Outdoor seating including a table is an ideal and efficient place to get out of 4 walls, breathe some fresh air, do homework, enjoy the company of friends – it’s a real upgrade. 

Ben Shemen picnic table donated from Israel Relief Aid

That is why the Ben Shemen Youth Village asked Israel Relief Aid for extra-large picnic tables for a few of its areas. 

On the right you can see a new wood table ready to be placed into this patio, which actually serves as a patio for a few buildings.

These children will happily use these new tables, and it is thanks to you!  Your generosity has done a simple act of kindness for these Israeli kids who are learning about life. 

“Do good, lend and expect nothing in return and your reward will be great”

The director of the youth village greatly thanks you (that’s her sitting at the table).

This is a blessing for these parentless Israeli kids and a beautiful deed towards support of the people of the nation of Israel!