Israeli Welfare Family…What’s That?

Mother and Child

How does a family get to be a welfare family in Israel?  They have to have exceptional circumstances and problematic income. 


The Nebali family’s finances, for instance, are such that their nonworking refrigerator which needs to be replaced just sits in the kitchen, as there are no funds in sight to replace it. 

On the welfare roll, the Nebali’s are on the list of their city’s Welfare Department and an income stipend helps them pay rent, property taxes on the apartment, utilities and food.

Poverty stricken families like the Nebali’s depend on help from Israeli nonprofit organizations, however, to help with clothing, food bags, holiday food and other assistance.  The stipend from the Israeli government is not enough to meet all needs.

Israel Relief Aid made a special visit to the Nebali apartment to deliver a new baby play mat as a gift, something they of course could not buy themselves.  Through its network of welfare aid centers throughout Israel, Israel Relief Aid is easily able to distribute to known welfare roll families. 

When an aid container is imported by Israel Relief Aid, the aid centers come to unload the container and within hours the aid from the container is disbursed throughout Israel to aid centers, ready to begin distribution to their local sphere of welfare Israeli families.  Fifteen hundred of these infant play mats were imported into Israel in July with the financial help of Goods For Good in the UK and other sponsors like you.

During the visit to the Nebali family, we found out that the family has a more serious problem.  Their baby, Yanin, has been suffering with a stomach problem and now has been taken to the Schneider Children’s Hospital and we wish for them a full recovery.

You can join in toward the current container being loaded for Israel, and be blessed in this special work: 

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