An Upgrade for Israeli Orphans

Ben Shemen Youth Orphanage

The Israeli Youth Village concept in regards to orphans started back at the beginning of the State when parents had died, or were not physically able to care for their children. So the children lived together and were schooled in children’s villages or “youth villages”.

Ben Shemen Youth Orphanage

Near to the Ben Gurion Airport is the Ben Shemen Youth Village where 407 “placed” children live, including at least 100 without any parents at all.

It’s a very large village with lots of grassy areas and parks.  However, in all youth villages, conditions are usually not ideal.  The facilities are on a bare-bones budget, sometimes in youth villages there is neglect of upkeep of facilities, and many of them are simply very old.  Or there’s simply a lack of things.  Like outdoor seating, for example. 

Israel Relief Aid has been asked to fund outdoor seating set with table which will make one of their beautiful outdoor areas a place where youth can go to enjoy.  The quote for building it has been received and the “go ahead” given.

BenShemen Furniture

Here is a mock-up of what the builder is going to build (will all be the same color wood).  They are also going to add a plaque that gives thanks to the donors of Israel Relief Aid (which was their idea).

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