Sderot is Excited

The Tikva center in Sderot is so excited that we committed this month’s event to them for bomb shelter supplies.

SderotAidCenter 5 2019

This Israel Relief Aid event is happening right now.  The bomb shelter supplies, like paper towels, restroom paper, large trash bags, etc. have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive at the Sderot distribution site tomorrow a.m.!

You all made it possible for this event to take place!  What a blessing you have given to the bomb-stricken city and it’s stressed-out people.  

Down south at the corner basically of the Gaza Strip, they are so close to where all the trouble is that Hamas is creating.  Everyone is affected, especially the children!

Jo Kaplan 1

In these pictures you can see the type of items we are, together, giving to them – and you can see how close we are to Gaza (the city behind me in the picture)!

As the stock gets distributed to the impoverished families, we will update you.

This gift cheers them up so much!    We have remembered Sderot . . . and they so appreciate it!