A Trip to Jerusalem They Can’t Afford

Israel Relief Aid June Jerusalem Tour for impoverished Israelis

Israel Relief Aid, in partnership with a local center, organized a tour to Jerusalem’s Western Wall, including a hot lunch for a busload of impoverished Israelis/Holocaust Survivors who would otherwise never get to go.  The history of the Western Wall and temple mount was presented straight out of the ancient source materials.  A hot meal was provided.

Israel Relief Aid Jerusalem Tour Group

In this group of 20, there were Holocaust Survivors, and some disabled, and widows . . . some religious, some not religious.  However, all living below the poverty line and not able to afford a day tour to Jerusalem.

Israel Relief Aid Jerusalem Tour Group Luncheon

This is our third tour now, and we’ve found that Jerusalem’s Western Wall is one of the most requested places that Israelis have never been and would like to visit.

However, this tour is different from other day trips for Israelis, because ancient history is presented from the ancient Hebrew writings, which are read to the participants in a way so that they can understand the ancient writings and correspond them to what they are seeing, many of which also include present-day references and allude to the future.

Afterward, the group was given a hot meal in a café in Jerusalem and discussed what they saw and heard.  This happened to be an important part of the trip because it was over 100 Deg F on this day!  The tour included distribution of books and Hebrew CD’s. Some 20 Hebrew were given out which related to the ancient writings and predictions. 

A sideline is that these impoverished Israelis come away also with new friendships from these tours, and for many that are lonely, it is a wonderful thing.

Israel Relief Aid thanks everyone that helped to make this tour happen, and helped to bring a meaningful experience to these Israelis living below the poverty line.  Two more tours are being planned.