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A Serene Part of the Arab Israeli Population

Nazareth, Israel

Arabs comprise around 20% of the population in Israel.  Christian Arabs comprise around 9% of the Arab population in Israel.  

Christian Arab Aid recipients

How do Israeli Jews describe the difference between Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs?  Interviews are very interesting:  “The Christian Arabs are sweet and calm, not harsh.”  “Muslim Arabs believe Jews don’t belong in Israel.”  “Christian Arabs are like us.”    “From the Muslim Arabs come the terrorists.”  “The Christian Arabs do not make a violent problem for us.”

In total, there are 117,000 or more Christian Arabs in Israel and the number continues to grow.

 The city of Nazareth has the largest Christian Arab population of any city in Israel.  Its total population is over 76,000.  During the intifada years, there was a serious absence of tourists in Nazareth, a city that is dependent on tourism.  This dealt a heavy blow to the economy of the city.

From the last Israel Relief Aid container, the Christian Arabs in Nazareth asked us for help and we invited them to the distribution, along with around 30 other welfare stations.  They received clothing and new first-class airline blankets. 

The welfare station that we gave to helps the disabled and Christian Arabs living under the poverty line in Nazareth.  With your help, together we make life a little easier for them, the “calm” Arabs.