May Project: The Ben Shemen Day Center

Donated Cleaning Supplies to Day Center

As promised, Israel Relief Aid showed up at the Ben Shemen Day Center for Disabled young Israelis with a huge load of their requested hygenic supplies that will keep the center in tidy situation for quite a bit of the coming year.  It’s not the normal “gift”, but it is what they need, and the budget doesn’t allow for a lot of things they wish they had.

Donated supplies from Israel Relief Aid

All the staff was amazed and excited when they saw these items.  The youth even began to put some of the items away, as they knew where they are kept. 

It just cheered all the staff up, that all of their daily efforts are noticed and appreciated.  This is a facility busy with craft-making, clay creations, creative painting, food making and all sorts of activities. Clean-up materials are always helpful.

Donated supplies from Israel Relief Aid

When we talk about helping the disabled, it is a purely humanitarian gesture.  Helping those who cannot help themselves, but who need to know they are loved.  The staff at the Center doesn’t earn much, but thank God they are there . . . and thank God our friends have been there also to help everyone in Israel.  God bless you for that.