For the Sake of Sderot

SderotAidCenterManager 5 2019

The survival supplies project for the Gaza border town of Sderot is where so many bombs have come over from nearby Hamas, and still do.  We don’t want to forget them and the “inferno” they just went through recently in the last skirmish (Hamas conflict escalation began on May 3, after two Israeli soldiers were injured by sniper fire from the Gaza Strip during the weekly protests at the Gaza–Israel border. Hundreds of rockets were launched from Gaza at Israel, mostly landing in Sderot by the border.)

This has been going on for many years, and the residents are shell-shocked with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), in addition to being financially constrained (lack of businesses in the area now).  They’ve been “holding down the fort” there . . . but how much really can people take? 

This is a mission of mercy and compassion. 

Sderot AId Center Supply delivery

We want to bless residents of the city with survival supplies–various paper goods and plastic bags for the bomb shelters . . . for use when families begin to get bombed again. 

They are so deeply appreciative, and just feel loved that people remember what they’re going through. 

Sderot Aid Center Supply delivery

If you feel led to join us in blessing the Israelis living near the border in the city of Sderot, please join this month’s event for the sake of Sderot.  We simply can’t forget them.  Let’s together get ready to cheer their hearts in the hot Israeli month of June.

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