A Day Unlike Any Other for these Israelis

Israeli Holocaust Survivors on tour to Sea of Galilee

Israel Relief Aid sponsored another unusual tour, this time to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) including transport, a hot lunch and entry fees.  What’s different about this tour bus?  It is a load of Israelis living under the poverty line including Holocaust Survivors, widows, the disabled, seniors, etc.  They are not able to go on trips, as trips costs money, which they don’t have.  That keeps them sitting in four walls, alone.  This was an opportunity to get out to blue skies.

Holocaust Survivors having lunch Sea of Galilee

On location, historical writings from Israelis living in the area of the Sea of Galilee were read and talked about, as well as predictions written in Israel’s ancient prophetical writings.  Not only had this group never been to the Kinneret, they also had never heard of the beautiful writings read today.  It was an incredible experience that they’ll take home with them.

A day unlike any other for these Israelis

Afterward, the group was given a full lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beautiful Kinneret, discussing the things that they heard today.

The tour included a book with writings from Israel’s past, present and predicted future that participants took home to read.

Another tour is being planned, to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. 

Thank you to our friends that are supporting these tours . . . and touching Israelis like this!