Israel’s 71st Independence Day – Yom HaAtzmaut 2019

Israel Flag

This holiday is always a joyful one for Israelis and they enjoy BBQ’s together with family and friends, fireworks, picnics and relaxing.

Busload of Holocaust Survivors and elderly Israelis on tour

To add to the joy, Israel Relief Aid’s third Israel History tour is being organized. These tours go to Israeli museums, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee and other sites, and the Hebrew Scriptures are explained of what happened in history in the various areas, and include distribution of books about Israel’s past, present and predicted future.

Elderly Israelis enjoy a hot meal

These trips are for Holocaust Survivors, disabled, widowed Israelis living under the poverty line. It includes a full lunch, transportation, and entry fees. These are Israelis that have no funds to go on a tour and experience this.

Some go just to get out of their four walls or just for the hot meal. Yet these Israelis come away with thoughtful introspection at the revelations they receive on these life-changing trips!