Another Israel History Tour April 29!

Sea of Galilee, Israel

An April 29 second Israel History tour has been scheduled — this one going to the Sea of Galilee, for Holocaust Survivors, disabled, widowed Israelis living under the poverty line. 

Holocaust Survivors from Israel

It includes a full lunch, transportation, and entry fees.  These are Israelis that have no funds to go on a tour and experience this.  Our tours are different in that Israel’s history is being explained about the sites that are visited, with a view to Israel’s past, present and predicted future

This busload will be given books for further reading and discussions to clarify.  Israelis are excited at the revelations they receive on this trip!

Israel Relief Aid is planning on doing these historical tours for the poor once monthly for the entire year of 2019!  A lot of people will be touched through these tours!