In the Galilee of Israel

Galilee in Haifa

Today Israel Relief Aid unloaded and distributed a 40-foot container of humanitarian aid in the Galilee in Haifa and Carmiel. 

Galilee Camiel Delivery volunteers

What was inside?  New white duvet bedding sets, new clothing for winter-spring, new mattresses, and tons of boxes of mens, women’s and children’s clothing (mostly new and also second hand).

Delivery of aid to Haifa

Although it was storming in Haifa and also raining in Carmiel, the container was distributed all over the north of Israel within three hours!

Each aid center is different and unique, no two alike.  You can see one aid center and inside the boxes have unloaded from the container to their aid center wall. Then, of course, they get distributed to Holocaust Survivors, single parent families, the disabled, the unemployed, orphanages, the homeless, widows, new immigrants, etc.

Thirteen aid centers in the north and center of Israel received from this container to stock and continue to open their doors to the Israeli public.   How long did it take to distribute this massive amount of container contents? 

I promised I would pass along a message from the aid centers . . . A huge thank you to all our donors who made it possible for this container to come into Israel and be distributed here.  “Let them know we are deeply grateful.  Thank you so much!”