Let’s Give Bat Yam Families the Passover Holiday


Let’s Give Bat Yam Families the Passover Holiday Israel’s holiday of Passover is April 19.  Passover is the story of deliverance and freedom.  This is what we want for Israelis, because so many of them are struggling.

Pesach Food Distribution Volunteers

Our April project is to give the most destitute families in Bat Yam the ability to celebrate the holiday with the required Passover foods, matzo, grape juice, etc.  These items will be purchased, sorted, and distributed to the families on April 18, the day before Passover. We will also give supermarket gift certificates

Bat Yam Aid Center

Why Bat Yam?  It is a city in severe economic deficit, just south of Tel Aviv, with a population of around 129,000.  In the city lives Holocaust Survivors, the disabled, widows, etc. all of whom are living under the poverty line. 

What’s our motive?  A total of 1,780,500 Israelis – including 466,400 families and 814,800 children — are living below the poverty line, according to the Dec 2018 annual report of the National Insurance Institute.

Passover Food Distribution Bags

It is a tragic reality that impoverished and elderly Israelis cannot afford basic food staples every day, let alone the essential items needed to observe the Passover holiday. Let’s put food on their table for the holiday.  We’re wishing all of you a very blessed holiday

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