Two Choices for Israel

Yay! It’s now Purim when the book of Esther (the megila) is read, with boo’s for Haman and Yea’s for Mordechai.  “Haman’s Ears” (or Hamen-taschen in Ashkenazi) triangle-shaped cookies filled with chocolate, dates, poppy seed, or all kinds of flavors are eaten.

Parades, festivals, parties, singing, dancing, costumes . . . it’s turning of grief into joy.

A grand Purim celebration in Carmiel in the north of Israel is being prepared for 100 children living under the poverty line!

Gifts will also be given to 30 people from the organization for the blind and visually impaired (helps them function in their homes, neighborhood and city, and to get work).  This party will take place on Friday, March 22, so please join in.

Another Aid Container Loaded This Week!

New double mattresses, new white bed covers, new and second-hand clothes from Holland and the UK have been placed in an Israel Relief Aid container to be shipped tomorrow! 

From the items in these containers, which will be disbursed in the north, many relationships will be created and new people invited to fellowship. 

$4-5,000 is needed to clear the container from customs when it arrives in a few weeks to Haifa Port in Israel.  These containers also change lives – from aloneness in Israel to joy with a new-found fellowship of Israelis, and help from the poverty state of existence.  Thank you in advance for participating in this distribution!  You are a great blessing in Israel!

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