One of the Oldest Settlements on Earth

Akko, Israel

Akko (also spelled Acco or Acre) occupies an important location, sitting in a natural harbor at one end of Israel’s Haifa Bay on the Mediterranean Sea.  Established during the Bronze Age, and continuously inhabited since then, it is among the oldest continuously inhabited settlements on Earth! 

Tel Akko dates to around 3000 b.c.  It was part of the territory allotted to the Hebrew tribe of Asher.  The Egyptians called the city Ptolemais, and Syrians called it Antioch.  Akko was also captured by Alexander and Cleopatra, and there Herod built a gymnasium; also the Romans enlarged the port and built a Roman colony.  Later the Arab conquest is part of its history, as is the Crusader rule, in which Akko was the chief port.  After Ottoman rule and the British Mandate, Akko was captured by Israel on 17 May, 1948. It was a development town for Hebrew immigrants, largely from Morocco.  Later, Russian and Ukrainian immigrants were brought to settle in Akko. 

In 2017, the population of Akko was 48,303, made up of mostly Jews but also Muslims, Christians, Druze and Baha’is.  Today Akko is a poor city, rampant with crime. 

Akko Aid Center

From the last two containers received by Israel Relief Aid, the Akko Aid Center run by Ukrainian immigrants, received van loads of cartons of quality clothing, which quickly get distributed.  We will remember Akko, and work on helping the people there.

Akko Aid Center