The Pregnant Year

Purim Mask

Around once every three years it happens:  the Hebrew leap year (literally “pregnant year” in Hebrew).  In order to assure that the lunar months of the Hebrew year stay in sync with the solar calendar, an additional month of Adar is added. And in the second Adar, the holiday of Purim is celebrated.

So this year there is a double blessing – two months of Adar and that means extra days of blessing rain.  In 1-1/2 weeks is the beginning of Adar II, whose motto is “When Adar comes, joy is increased.” 

Clown performs for children

Purim is March 21, yet the spirit of Purim permeates the entire month, making it a time of unparalleled rejoicing and good fortune for the Hebrews.   How can we make this celebration more meaningful?  Israeli children in poverty are always a big focus, and this year a special festivity will be held in the north of Israel for 100 of them. 

Israel Relief Aid has committed to provide all 100 of them with festive food baskets.  There will be singing, dancing, holiday food and laughter.

Man in glasses

Israel Relief Aid has also committed to provide food baskets to needy people from the organization for poor eyesight and/or the blind up in the north of the country. 

These people receive training on how to function with limited or no eyesight – in their home, in their neighborhood and in their city.  They also train them and then help them to find jobs.  It will really feel great to provide this blessing to them. 

Israel Relief Aid is looking for help to brighten the lives of Israeli children and adults living under the poverty line at Purim.  Can we count on you?

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