The Most Important Trip of Their Lives

JerusalemTour 2

Israel Relief Aid, in partnership with the Rishon LeZion aid center, organized a Jerusalem tour, including a hot lunch and entry fees for a busload of impoverished Israelis who would otherwise never get to go.  A main stop was a visit to the Bible Lands Museum, with a guide who explained the history of the exhibitions.

JerusalemTour 1

In this group of 16, there were 6 Holocaust Survivors, and some disabled, and widows.  Visitors were aged up to 93.

JerusalemTour 3

Relating themselves to the land of Israel past, present and predicted future, they were enlightened to historical exhibitions and writings that they never heard about or knew existed. 

It peaked the interest of all of the visitors and they took further reading materials and books relating to various time periods of Israel and its people.

JerusalemTour 4 1

Afterward, the group was given a hot meal in a café in Jerusalem and discussed what they saw. 

Some of these impoverished Israelis went on the tour probably just for the meal or to get out of their 4 walls, but got revelations that they will talk about and think about for the rest of their lives.  Thank you, friends, for blessing these Israelis!