This Truck is Huge

Karmiel aid delivery

Israel Relief Aid went to Karmiel in the north and Beer Sheva in the south of Israel to unload this huge aid container. 

KarmielDelivery 2 19

This was a Winter Warm Campaign container that contained first-class airline comforters and clothing from Europe (including warm clothing of all types, like the cap and sweater in the picture). 

Child in Winter sweater and hat

During the unloading in Karmiel in the north, there was pouring rain and even hail!   In the south in Beer Sheva, it was super-cold and the whole city was bundled up as best they could.   Of course, in this desert country, we are happy for any rain that we get!

Karmiel 2 19 delivery 1

Thank you to all participants in this huge aid blessing to Israel.

KarmielDelivery 2 19 volunteers 3