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Ukrainian Immigrants Have a Problem

Haifa, Israel

So many Ukrainian immigrants chose Haifa to settle.    Yet, as beautiful as Israel is, Ukrainian new immigrants have a problem.  When they make their immigration, usually they are coming to Israel with only two suitcases to hold all of their household and life belongings. 

So what to do if there’s a new baby?  If the children grow and need  larger clothing?   Israel’s climate requires lighter clothing than Ukraine, especially in the warmer months.  Bedding//towels/pillows/tablecloths?  The list goes on and on of needs common to every family.


Israel Relief Aid recently wants to help all immigrants, and does so by stocking aid centers all over Israel, like this Haifa Checkpoint center where Ukrainian immigrants in the north coast of Israel go for help.

Thanks to your contributions, new Israelis get a huge help when they need  it.  These items are expensive in Israel, so helping them for free is a huge blessing.  You are invited to help towards the latest container to Israel that reaches Israel this week!

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