Israel to Receive Winter Warm Container

Volunteer smiling on container

Around 2000 new first class airline comforters, 3 pallets of pillows and pillowcases, over 600 cartons of clothing, a pallet of new blankets and another 100 large bags of clothing were loaded into an Israel Relief Aid container and trucked to the European port for loading onto a container ship bound for Haifa.

Loading container with pallets of aid

This particular container is a rush, as winter this year is a colder one for Israel than in recent years, with snow falling in the Jerusalem are as well as the northern mountains.  The need for winter clothing and bedding is great.

The container should reach the Israeli shore in a week.

Pallets of aid being loaded in container

Clearing costs in Israel of thousands of $USD when the container arrives will have to be paid in order to release the container from the port.

If you have a heart for Israel, you are invited to join in to cover these container costs.  When the container releases from the seaport, it is planned to distribute it all over Israel in one day, starting in the central north of the country in Carmiel to the south of the country in Beer Sheva. 

Aid centers all over Israel will be stocked, and each center has a large outreach to local region population:  new immigrants, the homeless, the disabled, Holocaust Survivors, etc.

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