Jerusalem . . . One Would Think


A trip one hour away to Jerusalem, one would think, should be no big deal for anyone in the central region of Israel.  Only one hour away.  Jerusalem, the eternal, holy city!  One would think that every citizen in this small country of Israel surely would have been to Jerusalem.

Yet, travel is not something everyone can do, especially if you are a widow struggling below the poverty line, disabled, an elderly immigrant.  Clearly for Israelis who live a subsistence lifestyle, or whose monthly wage is entirely devoted to food and medication for the month, travel, as we see it, is out of the question. 

Tour of Jerusalem for Elderly Israelis

So, Israel Relief Aid, in partnership with its Rishon LeZion aid center, organized a Jerusalem tour, including a hot lunch and entry fees, for a busload of impoverished Israelis who would otherwise never get to go.  However, this is a “special” tour, specifically focusing on the history of Jerusalem, Jerusalem today, and Jerusalem in the future.  A main stop will be to visit the Bible Lands Museum, with a guide who will explain the exhibitions.  History will be discussed, and the aid center managers will be adding to this discussion to give relevance and understanding.

Meal for Elderly Israelis

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime February tour for these impoverished people, and life-changing after they learn the incredible history of their people.  The managers at the Rishon LeZion aid center have been doing these tours for years in Israel, and are thrilled to see people’s faith in their heritage come to life.  We invite you to be a part of this – feeding a special group of people discovering their life history (and a hot meal).  Some will go on this tour just to get the hot meal!  But they will be also receiving a life-changing trip!

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