Israel Relief Aid Fast Flow Technology for Northern Israel

Aid container being unloaded in Haifa, Israel

In our previous report, we showed you how this last container came at 6 a.m. to Ashdod in the south of Israel.  After quickly unloading to the aid centers in the central and south regions, the container continued on its journey to the north of Israel.

Aid container being unloaded in Haifa, Israel

In Haifa, the container then unloaded to many aid centers who had come with their own vehicles to take a load back to their own aid centers. 

Delivery of Warm, Winter Clothing for Israelis in Need

With Fast Flow Technology, in one morning an entire container of up to 1000 cartons is unloaded and distributed into the aid centers’ own receiving areas all over Israel! 

It was a cold winter day for this unloading, and the aid centers are working on the Winter Warm Campaign in order to help those suffering on the streets, in cold apartments, especially children and elderly Holocaust Survivors.

Thank you to our January participants in Winter Warm so far – it is a huge blessing for Israel.  The Winter Warm Campaign is continuing.  Israel needs you!  Will you help us continue to warm up Israelis this winter?

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