30% of Israeli Kids Don’t Have Warm Winter Clothing


What do the 30% of Israeli children in poverty do to keep warm in winter?

Winter Coats

Jackets in Israel can cost 250-600 ILS each in the mall!   The children are growing and last year’s coat no longer fits.   Usually, the parents just can’t make it happen. 


Israeli winters are sharply cold, with strong chilling winds, haze and rain, as we are experiencing right now.  In the north, Israeli winters mean snow.

Knitted Clothing

That is why for January 7-26 we are collecting to bring into Israel Winter Warm supplies for Israelis in poverty and the homeless (especially in Tel Aviv and Haifa). 


We would like to bring in winter boots, hats, gloves, scarves, knitted blankets, baby blankets, bedding, thick bedspreads, duvet covers and all sorts of warm linens.

With your help, Israeli kids living below the poverty line will be warm this winter.

Will you help us? 

Together we can do this!

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